LWETB Erasmus+ Programme



Longford College of Further Education has expanded and now has an international dimension offering students opportunities abroad through the Erasmus+ Programme.

This programme is an EU funded programme for education, training, youth and sport and runs from 2014-2020. It provides opportunities to train, study and participate in work experience abroad.

In 2016 students from Longford College of Further Education will have the opportunity to undertake a three week work placement in Tenerife. The students will work in 4 & 5 star Spa Hotels, Tourist Information Offices and Excursion Centres.   


       Benefits of Erasmus+ Programme

  • Creates links between education and the labour market
  • Increases job opportunities
  • Enhances foreign language competencies
  • Promotes professional & personal development
  • Participants experience different cultures
  • Participantsreceive Europass Mobility Document& Certificate of Participation

Once the student’s application has been successful they receive funding towards the cost of their flights, accommodation and living expenses while abroad. Cultural awareness and language classes are mandatory as part of the programme.

Erasmus+ Trip 2019: Radio Interview (11 minute segment from our Erasmus+ Programme students)

Here are two videos where our students discuss the benefits of Erasmus and what is has done for them.



LWETB are excited about collaborating with our host European partner countries on this project.

Erasmus+ Programme Co-ordinator

Louise Morgan: